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Сборник классической музыки. Китайская музыка для релаксации (mp3)
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Вес: 150 г

Сборник классической музыки. Китайская музыка для релаксации (mp3)

Лейбл/производитель: ИДДК
Формат: MP3_CD (Jewel Case)
Дистрибьютор: ИДДК

Битрейт: 256 Кбит/с
Частота: 44.1 КГц
Тип звука: Stereo

Продолжительность: 4 ч. 44 мин.
Сборник: Российское издание


Wedding Oath
Wedding Oath.
Fembeaf Hedge Bamboo Under Moonlight.
Stockage Village Love Song.
A Beautiful.
The A-Wa Sing Their New Songs.
You Give Me Love.
Depth Of Bamboo Grove.
Pleasant Sunrise.
Tea Leaf Picking.
Golden Peacock.
Embroidering The Pouch.
By Nature.
Beautiful Peacock.
Brook Running Water.
At Buttefly Spring.
Horse Crazing Folk Song.
Jade Bird Singing Along With Horse Bell Ringing.

Do You Know
Do You Know.
Go Back To The Past.
Deep Affection.
You Dont Understand.
I Have A Love Story.
At Another Water.
Can I Do.
Small Town Story.
See Someking Again.
Sweet Sweet.

The Fine Beginning Of Day
The Fine Beginning Of Day.
Way In The Fields.
The Wonderful River At Silent Weather.
Aromas Of Grasses In Air.
Gentle Flowers Are Caressed With A Breeze.
Evening Rest.
Light In Windows.
Walk On Evening Street.
The Story About The Last Day.
Women Decorate The Houses With A Flowers.
Color Clouds Float On The Sky.
Honey Grasses In July.
I See My Home.
Valley of Singing Ears.
Country song.
Dancing Horse On A Sunset.
Cool and rest.

Field Flowers Nod Each Other.
Basket With Fruits.
The Peasant Goes On A Cart.
Two Smiling Balloons.
Kiki dances with a fan.
City Walk.
We Go To Village.
Color Hats On Heads Of Passers-By.
Long Way On The Valley.
Big River.
Me And My Friends.
Singing of trees.

Xilin River
Respectable Lady.
Meeting Of Racial Ao.
Plum Forest Of Gada.
Glasslang Love.
Ode Of Xini Lama.
Xilin River.
Grazing Horse By The Sisuihal Lake.
Saddle With Carved Patterns.
Farewell Song.


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